Walker Agency’s Guide To Safer Motorcycle Travel

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June 2, 2016
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Walker Agency’s Guide To Safer Motorcycle Travel

Motorcycle Insurance

There are millions of motorcycle enthusiast across the globe.  Chances are, if you own a motorcycle you have likely thought of your own personal safety at some point.   Whether you are a casual rider who hits the open road only on the weekends or a hardcore enthusiast who rides every single day, fact-of-the-matter is that we all must share the road.  It does not matter if you are driving in Farmington, NM or on the other side of the world, safety should be everyones top priority.

1.) Proper Gear

Despite how much gear you wear, a helmet is easily the most important.  Severe head injuries are the most common of all motorcycle fatalities and simply wearing one reduces a chance of death by 37% alone.  Even though helmet laws are not in place in each state, it doesn’t mean it is okay for a rider to not wear one.  Leather gloves and also a leather jacket is also great for reducing injury.  Leather is an excellent protector in case you fall while in motion.  It will not prevent road rash completely but will severely reduce the chance for it.  Many riders prefer leather because it does not snag on the pavement and allows the body to slide across the road versus tumbling.  Aside from the jacket and gloves being the most vulnerable areas on the body, most people also suggest getting leather pants and also leather boots for maximum protection.

2.) Rider And Driver Awareness

Motorcycles are definitely smaller than normal vehicles so it is safe to say that there are times when they are more difficult to see.  Making sure you do not drive aggressively is usually the first thing that safe drivers do.  It is also a good idea to keep in your mind that not everyone will take notice of right away.  If you see someone looking like they are about to merge in front of you cutting you off, it is best to slow down in case you are in their blind spot.  Driving with your main headlight on at all times is another way to make your presence aware for other drivers.

3.) Motorcycle Insurance




For many, they simply prefer two wheels over the usual four.

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