Tinder-Like App For Insurance. Innovative Or Gimmick?

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Tinder-Like App For Insurance. Innovative Or Gimmick?

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In recent weeks, a new company called Trov has been making headlines throughout the industry.  With the tagline “On-demand insurance for the things you love”, this California startup promises something new in the world of insurance.

Trov is a smartphone app that is claiming to make getting coverage for personal electronics not only affordable, but incredibly easy.  Overall the app works much like the popular dating app Tinder.  Users take photos of their belongings and fill out details on what the item is.  Then, they simply choose which items they want to cover and how much coverage they want by swiping right.  Trov is also credited to allowing customers to toggle on or off coverage of individual belongings in realtime with a single swipe.  If the user wants to report a claim such as a damaged or stolen item, the user swipes left.  The very idea of something like this has gotten the attention of many interested people.  It appears the gimmick of marketing the app out to be a Tinder-like clone is apparently working.  Still, it does not mean the service is perfect.  This also does not mean that you should run out and cancel all your policies with your current provider. Trov has been designed to only work for individual electronic devices, not traditional coverage like auto, home, or medical.

Our Conclusion: 

Trov is certainly innovative, however it does not mean that this sort of service is something that would work for everyone.  The gimmick is so unique that it is making headlines, however it doesn’t take away the fact that it comes off as such- a gimmick.  While this may seem incredibly simple it basically eliminates the middle man, that may not always be the best answer for certain situations.  It is true that Trov may work for some people, while for others it may not.  Partial to this may be the fact that insurance can be complicated at times, most people feel more comfortable asking an actual person any questions they may have versus reading about possible answers through a database.  Here at Walker Agency we take Insurance serious.  We feel there is a need for human interaction to answer any and all questions you may have about your policy no matter how big or how small.  Personal relationships with our clients and the good people of Farmington, NM is something we take great pride in.  It is this genuine desire to be face-to-face with new or existing customers is something that makes us stand out.  That is definitely something that cannot be found on a smartphone app.  In addition to that, using a service such a Trov would be completely separate from other policies the user has such as home, auto, or medical.  Trov is incredibly easy to use, but it still doesn’t take away the fact that this will ultimately cause the user to deal with a separate insurance entity.  Most people feel it is better to have one platform to deal with all insurance matters all together, not separate platforms that cover specific things while getting another agency to cover others.  So when it comes to the question on whether Trov is innovative or a gimmick, we feel it is a little of both.  However it is ultimately up to the user to decide what works best for them.

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