Careful, What You Post Online Can Lead To Burglary

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May 17, 2016
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Careful, What You Post Online Can Lead To Burglary

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In the digital age, privacy seems to be more important than ever.  Especially since there are literally millions of different ways thieves can steal your identity, your possessions, money, or even burglarize your home.  Like any other agency that provides insurance in Farmington, NM we encourage our customers to realize that it is important not to give potential thieves assistance in any way shape or form.  This would include what you post on social media.

Social media can be an extremely helpful tool to burglars since the homeowner practically gives away crucial information that could easily help someone who was looking for a potential target.  Anytime you post that you are at a specific location, attending an event, or going on vacation, you are basically telling any and everyone that you will not be at home.  With this information alone, you could leave yourself wide open to becoming a victim of home burglary.  Most of which could have easily been avoided if the homeowner did not post about it online.

To some people, posting about such events social media is something they enjoy doing.  We suggest that if you are going to post about an event you attended, or a vacation you took, to post about it once you have already returned to reduce risk.

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